Kera buys HD $77: Bloomberg: Home Depot cutting health benefits for 20000 part-timers

Bloomberg: Home Depot cutting health benefits for 20000 part-timers Chain Store Age - Sep 19, 2013 Atlanta - The Home Depot, Inc. is reportedly going to stop providing health care benefits to part-time employees working less than 30 hours per week. (more)

Le, Trish, Berta, and Jennifer bought Home Depot.

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
20.9.13 -----           -- 1413740078.8178.8177.00 77.00
19.9.13 ---              - 769370077.8478.7277.64 78.51
18.9.13  --------       -- 1059460075.7777.9875.35 77.37
17.9.13       --         - 683330075.6376.1575.57 75.80
16.9.13      ----        - 806530076.0576.2975.20 75.54
13.9.13         --         488840075.3375.4174.84 75.11
12.9.13        ---       - 687210075.1875.7474.97 75.40
11.9.13         ----     - 644530074.6675.1174.16 75.04
10.9.13          ----    - 643900073.9674.6573.74 74.60
9.9.13             ---    578210072.9873.7972.90 73.58
6.9.13             ------ 996920073.5573.5672.21 72.70
5.9.13            ---- -- 1104010074.0774.2172.84 72.99
4.9.13           ---    - 827510073.9874.5173.74 74.14
3.9.13         -----    - 780290074.8375.2573.68 73.90
30.8.13         ----     - 633140075.1275.1374.18 74.49
29.8.13        ---         570520074.9775.6674.80 75.05
28.8.13         ----     - 707720074.1175.3274.01 75.03
27.8.13         ----     - 826450074.8575.2373.95 74.12
26.8.13       ------    -- 1036280073.8376.1573.82 75.43
23.8.13            ---   - 774300074.1574.2073.11 73.89

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